Payroll and Human Resource Management

Wise Accounting offers a Global Service Administrative Management of Human Resources.

We perform a set of tasks ranging from the Administrative Personnel Management to processing and even payment of salaries; include:
• Maturities processing;
• Personnel Registry; creation and updating;
• Issuance of salary slips;
Individual control of vocational training;
• Issuance of statistical reports, accounting and management;
• Income Statement of employees (IRS);
• Preparation of working hours;
• Surveys Fill;
• Filling and sending Staffing Table;
• Compliance with legal obligations to officials.

Tax and Financial Consulting

Accounting and tax consultancy

Advice and analysis of the fiscal framework based on economic and financial results towards maximizing tax efficiency and profitability of companies; some areas:
• Consulting and regular fiscal monitoring;
• Provision of outsourcing services in the fiscal area;
• Diagnosis, tax planning and prevention;
• Review of Tax Returns;
• Follow-up inspection activities of tax administration;
• Clearance and fiscal estimate of the closing of accounts;
• Support litigation – complaints and disputes;
• Estimated tax on income (IRC);
• Procedures for VAT, IRC, etc.

General and Cost Accounting

Organized accounting (preparation of accounting, preparation of tax returns, payroll, accounting);

Studies for the implementation of cost accounting;

Accounts not organized (preparation of accounting, tax returns, payroll and social security);

• Asset management;
• Stock management;
• Payroll and employment advice;
• Support account closure policies;
• Strategic planning;
• Organization, classification and registration of documents;
• Preparation and issue of monthly trial balances;
• Tax compliance in the legally established time limits;
• Preparation of financial statements of the company (balance sheet, statement of income by nature and by functions and cash flow statement);
• Other necessary for the preparation of the Annual Report which is the responsibility of Certified accountant.

Business Plans and Project Feasibility Studies

Global and sectoral Internal Audits:

• Cash;
• Sales and charges to customers;
• Purchasing and payables;
• Human Resources;
• Stocks;
• Property;
• Production.

Internal control systems reviewed:

• Operational;
• Accounting;
• Financial;
• Management;
• Preparation of manuals of procedures and internal control.

We participated in the prior assessment of the fiscal implications of the implementation of products / services, transactions or operations, helping the customer to make the best decision with awareness of risks and tax advantages.

Management Support

Implementation of administrative, accounting and financial tasks specific to each company, with the aim of reducing costs and continuous performance improvement.

Proposals are evaluated in order to obtain solutions “to measure” and therefore more effective and beneficial for the company.
• billing control;
• Registration and control of current accounts of customers, suppliers and others;
• Treasury Management;
• Tax payment;
• Payments to suppliers;
• Registration and control purchases;
• Registration and Inventory control;
• Registration and Property Control;
• Creation of information systems and adequate internal control.